Morro Bay Rain Dance

RVing is a great adventure. From the early days of our RV experience in a 1968 Dodge van conversion to our present Damon Challenger 330 class A, it’s been a great ride. Our kids rode with us all the way until they went out on their own camping adventures. Some of our families best memories are around our RVs and camping experience.

In the 80’s we went to Morrow Bay State Park with another family. We had a cab over camper and pulled a tent trailer behind us. All the kids slept in the tent trailer. California was in the middle of a drought at the time. We were sitting around the campfire one night and playing guitars and singing when some other campers came up and joined us. Our friend Louie started talking about how his ancestors used to do rain dances to make it rain. So everyone encouraged Louie to do a rain dance. And he did, dancing around the campfire while we beat on the benches like they were drums.

Yes…would you believe at about 5:00 a.m. we were all awakened to thunder and lightening and a huge downpour that lasted for about five hours. Once the rain let up all the neighboring campers that had been around the campfire the night before gathered around our campsite asking for Louie–the Morro Bay Rainmaker.